Challenge gift drives ‘Campus Kick-off’ for College Bound Dorchester

Mark Culliton and Simon Taylor

A generous $25,000 challenge gift from Comtrade Software is fueling College Bound Dorchester’s first-ever Campus Kick-Off Campaign, which will allow 47 first generation college students to focus more of their energy on working towards the degrees that will enable them to earn a living wage.

College Bound Dorchester is a nonprofit that uses education to end systemic generational poverty. They provide educational and emotional support to students who are working to overcome daunting obstacles in their lives such as prison incarceration, financial hardship and language barriers.

“The first semester is the hardest and a predictor of their college success,” says College Bound CEO Mark Culliton. “The Kick-Off Campaign will ensure our College Readiness Advisors are on campus to help students plan course schedules, find a tutor or childcare provider should they need one, manage their time, and stay motivated.”

Trained College Readiness Advisors are assigned to each student to provide mentorship and guidance whenever they need it. Funds from the Kick-Off Campaign will also help CBD students purchase books, course supplies and transportation necessary for them to thrive in the college setting.

“Investing in the communities we do business in is important for us,” said Simon Taylor, president, Comtrade Software. “We recently moved our international headquarters to Boston, and have seen firsthand the exemplary work College Bound Dorchester is doing to counteract gang violence in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. They help disadvantaged and hard to reach youth turn their lives around, get off the street and into the classroom. Their work is making a measurable impact, and it gives me great pleasure to announce our continued support of the organization by making this contribution.”

Taylor serves on the College Bound Dorchester Board of Directors. “Comtrade Software has been an amazing partner over the years, sharing our commitment to making college accessible and attainable for Boston’s most disengaged young people,” says Culliton. “Comtrade has exceeded my expectations by leaning in and supporting this Campaign.”

Comtrade Software’s generous challenge gift brings College Bound Dorchester half way to its goal of raising $50,000 to give as many CBD students as possible the tools they need to succeed this semester.

The nonprofit urges others to accept the challenge and fully fund this important campaign.

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