St. Mary’s Center snags $100k for new Rec Center

St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children has secured a $100,000 grant to build a new recreation center at their Jones Hill campus. The gift is one of 100 grants given out by the Cummings Foundation, a Woburn-based philanthropy.

St. Mary’s Center stands out for its seven programs that are built on education, employment, preventative, and residential programs. Each year, more than 600 underserved families and children who may have experienced domestic abuse, trauma, poverty or homelessness receive the help and resources needed to build a brighter future for St. Mary’s.

The recreation center will provide the staff and families a public space to have meetings and celebrations, and most importantly, will allow the children they serve to experience a big open space to run around and play.

The Cummings Foundation made the grant as part of their “$100K for 100” program —including Earthern Vessels, Inc., an academic mentoring organization based in Dorchester and the Neighborhood House Charter School. To view all the grant recipients, visit