C-11 police report burglary arrests, lighter crime across district

As officers make a number of solid arrests, police have seen burglaries lighten across the Boston police C-11 district recently, said Capt. Tim Connolly.

On Thursday, police patrolling around the Washington Street/Codman Square area arrested Michael Lockley in the early morning hours, Connolly said. The officers noticed an open side door on Park Street, going into the Daily Table store, at about 12:45 a.m. Inside, they found Lockley allegedly in the process of burglarizing the store.

The suspect was evasive in his responses to police questioning, Connolly said, claiming to be a nighttime worker at the store waiting for a co-worker named ‘Jimmy.’ Police investigated the premises and arrested Lockley on charges of breaking and entering, possession of burglarious tools, and a default warrant for similar crimes.

“He’s categorized as a serial burglar because of his record,” Connolly told the Reporter on Friday. “He had warrants and has been arrested for this stuff in the past.”

Police have suspects in a number of commercial, home, and vehicle burglaries, Connolly said. Officers in the South End district D-4 arrested a man for vehicle break-ins across the districts, and another suspect believed to be involved in the rash of home burglaries in C-11 was arrested in Roxbury’s B-2 district, Connolly said.

“There are six to seven people that are literally wreaking havoc on C-11 across our borders,” he said.

His officers are on the lookout for two or three commercial burglars, but they are confident they will make arrests in the near future. Of course, new perpetrators filter in and out of police district boundaries, Connolly notes.

Overall, the captain is pleased with the district’s clearance rate. Crime has taken a slight dip in recent weeks, Connolly said; nothing dramatic, but “it’s trending in the right direction, and it happens in little increments.”

The district is seeing a decrease in violent crimes, he said, and a “huge decrease in street robberies after arrest of a juvenile crew working in the Fields Corner area.”

Officers do rely on community members to flag suspicious behavior, he said, asking that residents not be worried about disturbing the police if they see something.

“The more information the community gives us, the more we can do with that information,” Connolly said. “We don’t know what we don’t know.”