Dot's newest kitchens highlighted in Sunday house tour

Kitchen on tour on Carruth St. by Bay State remodeling and KitchenViews at National Lumber.

Ten neighbors in Dorchester’s Ashmont-Adams neighborhood will throw open their doors this weekend for a unique event. The Kitchen Envy tour — set for Sunday from 1- 4 p.m.— will highlight newly-remodeled kitchens in and around Carruth Street, known for some of Dot’s most beautiful Victorian-era houses.

Tickets are required— $25 online ( or $30 at the event, which kicks off from 13 Carruth St.— with proceeds going to the sponsor, the Ashmont-Adams Neighborhood Association.

Gail Ravgiala, Pat O’Neill and the members of association engage in a number of different community based events such as monthly newsletters, Halloween pumpkin carving and Christmas tree lightings, but they wanted to do something different and new to raise money for the association.

“We thought let’s take advantage of it while we can,” said Ravgiala. “When else are we all going to renovate our kitchens at the same time? The homeowners will be welcoming people in and answering questions sharing the details of the renovations. It should be casual, relaxed and fun.”