‘Music that makes you sweat’ Haitian-American violinist DBR takes stage at All Saints Church

Daniel Bernard Roumain— or DBR for short— will play electric violin and synthesizers in a concert at All Saints Church on April 23.

The Haitian-American composer and musician Daniel Bernard Roumain will perform live in the Ashmont Hill Chamber Music concert series on Sun., April 23. The concert will begin at 4 p.m. at All Saints Church, 209 Ashmont St., Dorchester.

Roumain’s “Redemption Songs and Sonatas” — described as a “musician’s view of civil rights around the world”— includes acoustic piano synthesizers and electric violins.

“I love music that makes you sweat,” said Roumain, who uses his initials DBR as his stage name. The 46-year-old attended Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music for his undergraduate degree and University of Michigan for his doctorate degree in musical composition.

Roumain described his musical style, in an interview, as equally melodic, funky, and folk. The rising musician hopes his performance will resonate with both musical neophytes and experts as an act of impassioned storytelling.

“I know that the people have a strong connection to the community, to the land and the sea,” Roumain said. “As a black, Haitian-American composer, what can I share with a typical resident is the ability to tell a good story.”

Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversation with DBR between songs, he said, as well as after the concert concludes.

“You’ll find me waiting in the lobby.”

DBR sees the concert as a kind of homecoming event. He is building a home near Boston. He currently splits his time between Lexington, where he visits his son; Harlem, where he has proudly lived for more than 20 years; and Arizona, where he is a professor at Arizona State University.

“I hope that this is a beginning of a relationship between me and the community, a conversation that will stay close to my heart. I’m really excited. I don’t have the opportunity to do many concerts on Sundays, so it’s going to be really beautiful.”

Tickets will sell for $25, but there will be a $35 family rate when purchasing three or more tickets. More information is available at ahchambermusic.org.