New buyer seeks to keep units affordable in Four Corners

FamilyAid Boston has recently purchased two buildings in the Four Corners section of Dorchester to convert into affordable housing for homeless parents and children. These acquisitions add to the stock of six homes FamilyAid already owns and operates across Dorchester and East Boston.

FamilyAid Boston President Richard Ring acknowledges that these units will not, on their own, solve Boston’s family homelessness crisis, they will bring immediate relief to needy families. “Our families need housing right now, and this is the most effective way we can create it from them—by purchasing existing buildings and harnessing the support of generous private partners,” said Ring.

Every purchase FamilyAid makes, Ring notes, is a victory.

“From the outside, no one knows these buildings are affordable housing. Families are able to be part of the community. They can be close to jobs, schools, and community resources that are so critical as they work to regain stability,” he said.

Pat Cooke, who passed away in 2013, worked as landscape architect, builder, and advocate for affordable housing and urban green space, and is the titular figure of the trust which sold the building to FamilyAid.

Bill Walczak, a member the Pat Cooke Fund, is glad that Cooke’s legacy will continue to provide safe, stable, and affordable housing to families in Dorchester. “These buildings,” he said, “and the homes they provide, have been an important part of Dorchester for a long time.”

Ring speaks highly to the future of FamilyAid, and affordable housing in Boston.

“We will keep growing this program so long as there are families in need, willing partners, and properties available. The sky is the limit.”