Treadmark demolition work under way

Demolition work on the sixth floor of the fire-damaged Treadmark building on Dorchester Avenue continues this week. Work crews used a pair of cranes to begin hauling debris and machinery from the roof and the sixth floor last week, resulting in lane restrictions along the avenue.

The demolition is being done as part of a city-mandated “make safe” order before further determinations about the building’s future can be finalized.

The building — which was heavily damaged in a fire that raged on the upper floor and roof for more than 16 hours on June 28-29— remains in the control of the city’s Inspectional Services Department.

In a statement posted online, the building’s owners — Trinity Financial, Inc.— said, “We anticipate this work will continue through the middle of August and we are still working to develop the full reconstruction scope and timeline… We are excited to be moving closer to the reconstruction of Treadmark 2.0.”