“Billy Evans is not leaving” BPD post, says Walsh in response to broadcast

City officials are pushing back against rumors that Boston Police Commissioner William Evans is planning to leave the department to lead Boston College’s police force.

Citing unnamed sources, WBZ reported last Thursday that the Evans, who joined the BPD in 1982 and was appointed commissioner in 2014, will step down from his post and accept the BC job.

On Friday, Walsh said that he was displeased with the report. While there is always the possibility that Evans is being courted to take other posts, the WBZ piece was unconfirmed, he said.

“I’m disappointed last night ... that WBZ went with sources that were unnamed, and not verifying it with the police department or the city of Boston,” Walsh told reporters. “Billy Evans is not leaving. He’s the police commissioner. I’ve said this more than one time: He is the best police commissioner in the country and if people are courting him, they should. If I was the mayor of another city, I’d be courting Billy Evans to come to my city. And I just think it was unfortunate that went out last night.”

With summer under way, Boston police are preparing for what tends to be a spike in violence in the warmer months.

Evans told reporters at a summer safety press conference with the mayor that he is concentrating on his current work and denied any pending departure. “I’ve loved this job every minute that I’ve done it,” he said. “You need to love it. I want to thank the mayor. Can’t think of a better guy to work for. So you know I hate these rumors… they’re not true. I can’t ask for a better boss and I’m gonna continue to stay focused on my job, and that’s all I care about and that’s all I want to comment on.”

A spokesman for Boston College declined to comment on Monday.


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