BPD Officers honored as Heroes Among Us

Pictured above, from left to right: Byron Foote, Jose Gomes, Felix Berlino, Nadia Siconolfi, Elizabeth Yanakakis, Emilie Howard, Jaclyn Greenwood, Sean Alexander. Photo courtesy Boston Celtics

A team of Boston Police officers from the District B-3 station on Blue Hill Avenue were honored as Heroes Among Us during the Boston Celtics game on December 31 for their role in helping a woman who was going into labor on Dec. 21.

Officers Nadia Siconolfi, Jose Gomes, Felix Berlino and Bryon Foote were transporting a prisoner when they heard a car furiously beeping its horn with the driver shouting for help. 

As they approached the vehicle they were surprised to see a woman in labor. Officer Gomes quickly called for EMS support, but the baby— named Francesca— decided she could not wait any longer and was safely delivered in the family’s car by the officers on hand.

The baby and her mother are doing well.

The officers received the thanks of the Garden crowd during their Sunday game against the Brooklyn Nets.