Council sets speed limit hearing set for Nov. 13

City Councillors Ed Flynn and Frank Baker will hold a hearing on their proposal to lower the speed limit in Boston to 20 mph. The speed limit was lowered from 30 to 25 last January. Flynn and Baker say that the drop to 20 on most streets will “significantly” lower the chances of serious or fatal crashes.

The hearing will be held on Tues., Nov. 13th at 10a.m. at City Hall. The councilors say they will also “look to discuss other traffic calming measures to improve road safety for all.”

The speed limit in the city was most recently lowered from 30 MPH to 25 MPH last January as part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative.

“One of my top constituent complaints is the need for lower speed limits, more enforcement, and various traffic calming measures, like raised crosswalks, speed humps, narrowing traffic lanes, and bump-outs,” said Baker in a statement.  As elected officials in the City of Boston, we need to help eliminate traffic fatalities on our city’s streets.  Further lowering of the street speed limit is an important step in the right direction.”