Councillors: Drop speed limit to 20 mph

Baker, Flynn Weigh In

One of Dorchester’s city councilors wants the city to think about dropping the speed limit on city streets to 20 mph. Frank Baker, who represents Dot’s district 3, has joined South Boston’s city Councillor Ed Flynn in requesting a hearing on the idea, along with other “traffic calming measures.”

“We were already successful in lowering the speed limit to 25 miles per hour on public ways subject to the control of the city,” Baker said in a statement issued on Tuesday.  “One of my top constituent complaints is the need for lower speed limits, more enforcement, and various traffic calming measures, like raised crosswalks, speed humps, narrowing traffic lanes, and bump-outs.  As elected officials in the City of Boston, we need to help eliminate traffic fatalities on our city’s streets.  Further lowering of the street speed limit is an important step in the right direction.” 

Councillor Baker may be reached at 617-635-3455 or Frank.Baker@Boston.Gov.