Original suspect in Codman Square gas-station murder released on personal recognizance as investigation widens

Kevin Williams, held for more than a month for the murder of a Codman Square gas-station attendant, was released on personal recognizance today at the request of Suffolk County prosecutors, who say they have uncovered new evidence in the case, now before a grand jury.

In a statement, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office said: "Since Williams’ arraignment on Oct. 9, investigators have reviewed phone records, surveillance videos, and other electronic data; executed search warrants; interviewed multiple witnesses; and presented testimony to the Suffolk County Grand Jury. Those efforts, prosecutors said today, have generated substantial evidence and now warrant the defendant’s release on personal recognizance."

Williams still faces a murder charge for the shooting death of Jose Luis Finn Williams at the Fabian gas station on Washington Street at Melville Avenue on Oct. 6 and is due back in court on Nov. 19, the DA's office reports.

At his arraignment in October, Williams's attorney declared his innocence, that he'd just gotten paid at his job at a Taunton Jiffy Lube and he was getting ready to help his family move from Dorchester to the South Shore the next morning.

Officials say the murder investigation remains open; anyone with information can contact homicide detectives at 617-343-4470.