Patrick advisors launch new PAC to support Dems

A new political action committee linked to former Gov. Deval Patrick, who has acknowledged his interest in a possible 2020 run for the White House, was launched last week with its purpose to support the Democratic Party’s efforts to win back control of Congress this year.

Patrick has begun in recent months to step back out into the spotlight by traveling to support Democrats in states like Texas and making national television appearances. The Reason to Believe PAC, according to its website, will help support those efforts.

“In the coming months, we will be supporting candidates and causes that share Governor Deval Patrick’s view that we accomplish more when we turn to each other, not on each other,” a mission statement on the website states. In the statement, the aides behind the PAC wrote that progressive Democrats have the opportunity to lead the country “out of a dark chapter of division.”

“Voters want their candidates and their elected officials to stand for something, to care about more than staying in office. History shows that when Democrats do what’s right and stand up for what we believe–like fixing healthcare and expanding the economy to those who have been left out–we win,” the statement says. The goals of the PAC echo many of the themes Patrick used in Massachusetts to win two terms as the state’s first black governor.

While Patrick has not ruled out running for president in two years, he so far has said that his focus is on helping Democrats in the mid-terms. It was not immediately clear who was running the PAC for Patrick, who joined Bain Capital after his eight years at the State House to start a social impact investment fund.

The address listed on the website, however, was the same as Northwind Strategies, a Boston consultancy started by Doug Rubin, a former senior aide to Patrick and political advisor to both the governor and US Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Patrick’s former campaign manager, John Walsh, is listed as the treasurer in Federal Election Commission (FEC) documents. Northwind executives did not return calls seeking comment.