Chez-Vous held blameless for November brawl at rink

The Boston Licensing Board ruled last week that the Chez-Vous roller rink in Mattapan was not to blame for an incident last November in which the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Morton Street was blocked by up to 250 youths, four of whom were arrested for refusing police orders to disperse.

On the night in question—Nov. 8— the rink opened its doors for a Boston Police-sponsored teen event that included free roller skating. A fight erupted outside the venue, which is right next to the B-3 stationhouse, and things escalated with an unruly mob of 200 to 250 kids brawling and yelling and blocking traffic, according to testimony at a Boston Licensing Board hearing. Four teens wound up arrested on charges of being delinquent for disorderly conduct.

A Chez-Vous manager told the licensing board that it stopped running teen-specific events after a similar problem in 2016, but agreed to donate the space for the police-sponsored event. Following the hearing, the board held a separate meeting and decided that Chez-Vous was not at fault for the incident.