Lawmaker pitches pay cut for UMass Boston brass

A Quincy lawmaker is eyeing the salaries of top University of Massachusetts Boston officials as a potential source of savings at the financially strapped campus.

Rep. Tackey Chan, a Democrat who co-chairs the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee, has offered an amendment to next year’s budget that would add language to the UMass system line item requiring “that annual salaries and benefits shall be reduced by ten percent ... for all provosts, associate provosts, deans, and chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Boston.”

“We’ve been hearing about UMass Boston having budget issues ­- there’s many stories written already about the different situations ­- so as part of exploring how to address the budget issue, I’m putting the suggestion out there that they perhaps should look at their executive pay as part of their overall discussion associated with controlling the UMass Boston budget,” Chan said. “I’m throwing an idea at them. We’ll see what they say.”

Two other lawmakers, Reps. Mike Connolly of Cambridge and Christine Barber of Somerville , had signed on to Chan’s amendment (1087) by last Friday afternoon. Asked if he’d spoken to UMass officials about the idea, Chan said he was hoping there would be “ongoing conversations forthcoming.”

UMass Boston representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Separately, Chan has also offered an amendment (1086) that would earmark $5 million for funding of UMass Boston’s centers and institutes, many of which he said conduct research relating to underrepresented and under-studied demographics.