MBTA general manager gives update on Red Line repairs

Repairs on the Red Line, where a derailed train wiped out key infrastructure on June 11, are moving along, although service delays will continue. MBTA General Manager Steven Poftak offered updates Monday on repairs at a Fiscal and Management Control Board meeting. All switches are now on automatic controls, and the MBTA is now working to fix the signals.

The signals between Broadway and JFK/UMass are expected to be restored by August 15. The three signal bungalows along the track, which were significantly damaged by the derailed train, have been repaired, and a fourth bungalow has been completed further away from the tracks at JFK/UMass.

The line is running 10 trains per hour, while positioning additional trains at all three ends of the line to run during rush hour. Ridership has decreased "in some places" since the derailment, Poftak said, and remained level on the Cambridge/Somerville end of the line.