Service on Fairmount Line restored after morning cancellations

Commuter rail service on Fairmount Line, which was replaced by shuttle bus service today due to an incident last night, has been fully restored this afternoon. A spokesperson for Keolis Commuter Services, the company operating and maintaining the commuter rail systems, says that repairs and inspections allowed for full service to resume around 2 p.m. today. Passengers are advised to follow @MBTA_CR on Twitter and subscribe to T-Alerts for real-time updates.

Multiple trains on the Fairmount Line were cancelled today following the incident, which involved an out-of-service train departing a maintenance facility and an inbound Fairmount Line train entering South Station.

While MBTA and Keolis are still investigating the incident, initial findings indicate human error as a likely cause for the incident, according to an MBTA statement.