VietAID to suspend after-school programs

VietAID announced last week that it is shutting its after-school programs because of financial issues, but says it hopes to re-open them at some point.

People who have already signed their kids up for programs through May will get refunds, the group said. The group had provided after-school activities for students in grades 1 through 8.

VietAID had subsidized the program with funds from its real-estate development program, but said "the challenging pace of real estate development in the Dorchester area for a non-profit like ours" has meant less money coming in for after-school programs.

The group says it plans to restructure its finances through the rest of the year and hopes that will let it resume the after-school programs.

Haley House in Roxbury, made a similar announcement this week about the closure of its bakery and cafe.