13 Dot schools included in EdVestors arts grants

The BPS Arts Expansion initiative announced in late June that a new round of grants committed by the education improvement organization EdVestors will dedicate more than $360,000 to some 60 Boston schools, including 13 located in Dorchester. 

The Dorchester schools to benefit from arts expansion grants include Boston International Newcomers Academy, Henderson K-12, Mather Elementary, Everett Elementary, Dever Elementary, Community Academy of Science and Health, Lee Pilot Academy, McCormack Middle, Henderson K-12 Inclusion School, Kenny Elementary, Boston Latin Academy, and Frederick Pilot Middle School.

Said Marinell Rousmaniere, president & CEO of EdVestors: “Arts education is an integral part of students’ social emotional well-being and engagement, whether schooling is in person or remote. The pandemic coupled with the heightened attention to racial injustice has been tremendously difficult for students, and arts education is a powerful and effective tool in helping them to process and share complex emotions.

“Schools everywhere should be moving mountains to provide access to quality arts education, as so many BPS leaders, teachers, and arts partners have done in the last three months. We are proud to work with all our partners in keeping this commitment to ensure BPS students have access to high quality arts education.”

In a statement, Dr. Brenda Cassellius, superintendent of the Boston Public Schools, said, “For over a decade, the BPS Arts Expansion initiative has built an incredible legacy in our schools, and the latest round of grants will help support a variety of arts education programs that are essential to meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of students.

“Arts education and student expression contribute to a student’s sense of self and confidence, which is critical now more than ever during these extraordinary and challenging times,” she said. “We are grateful for these grants and programs, which support our commitment to ensuring access to arts education programs for all students.”