Gaby hasn’t stopped doing her thing

Gaby Araica

Gaby Araica, the 10-year-old girl who has received national attention for her making of masks for frontline workers, is still busy on her mission, with some help from her mom, Tracy.

“She is still making masks and has recruited me to help,” Tracy Araica told the Reporter this week. “We have distributed over 450 masks,” she noted.

The Araicas have sent batches to workers at the City of Boston Credit Union, various doctor’s offices, and assisted living facilities. More than 100 masks have been given to Boston Police Officer Manny Damberville, District 11’s community service officer, for employees, community workers and other essential workers, family, friends, neighbors. On short, to anyone in need locally.

“Mayor Walsh even called her one day to tell her she was doing a great job and to keep up the good work. We sent him a couple of masks that we have seen him wearing,” said Tracy Araica.”

She added that the family has received a great deal of community and national support in response to Gaby’s efforts that were first publicized by the Reporter in March.

“Her story that you wrote also led to an interview on The Last Word show with Lawrence O’Donnell and has led to people reaching out to me on social media and mail from around the country looking to donate to and support her efforts,” said the proud mother. “It’s amazing the attention an article in a local paper has produced. The story about her has been featured across social media. She was even nominated for an American Legion Auxiliary Youth Good Deed Award by a local member.

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