Letter to the Editor: Push-back on cannabis shop is a merited action

To the Editor:

Regarding the editorial “NIMBYs should be challenged”: Hardly an accurate observation as school children gather at College Hype for uniforms or club gear, as seniors gather for tea and a scone at Green Hills side by side at a cannabis shop with an armed guard and 24-hour surveillance cameras. Do as they have done in Brookline. Put this proposed shop in a non-residential neighborhood. Maybe Morrissey Blvd?

The attendees at the Ashmont Adams Neighborhood were thoughtful and gave their opinions and alternative ideas for Mr. DeFazio. Pitting neighborhood associations against one another is so 2020 and the Dorchester Reporter fuels the ongoing dead-end partisan fire that is destroying our country.

Brianne Fitzgerald RN, NP, MPH
Van Winkle Street