In Lower Mills, Unique Cuts barber shop resumes service

Serge Pierre conducted a “fever check” before serving a young customer last Thursday at his barber shop, Unique Cuts. Bill Forry photo

It’s hardly business as usual at Unique Cuts, the Lower Mills barber shop, but at least it’s back in business.

Serge Pierre, who owns the four-chair shop with his wife Myriam, re-opened on Tuesday, May 26, with strict new rules in place. The measures are spelled out in red letters on a canvas sign draped across the picture window of his storefront.

They include a “fever check” screening for everyone who steps through the door using an instrument that measures body temperature. There’s no service allowed for anyone who is “excessively coughing or sneezing.”

Pierre said he has been sequestered at home since mid-March and had repeatedly rebuffed calls from customers desperate for a home visit line-up.

“I wouldn’t do that, no way,” he said.

There are other nuances, too: You are supposed to call when you arrive before walking in. The barbers will not trim beards, brows, and mustaches, for example. Just your dome.

One parent is permitted to accompany a child, but no one else can tag along.

There’s no more waiting inside for a barber to free up, either, since there are “absolutely no walk-ins allowed.”

Those who want to get their ears lowered must book in advance.

Serge Pierre and the two other barbers working last Wednesday were still accepting 30-minute slots for the next day, but the spreadsheet that serves as his tracking device was filling up fast.

Customers who did return last week did not just leave feeling lighter above the neckline. They carried out “wellness essentials” giftbags with hygiene products and a face covering emblazoned with the New England Patriots logo.