Mother’s Day 2020: Unlike Any Other

When I was growing up, Mother’s Day in my house was akin to being a holy day. All of us gathered for a festive meal (prepared by my dad), gift-giving, and just enjoying the company of one another. It was a delightful time to celebrate our love for our mother. There were no virtual gatherings in my early years.

The coronavirus pandemic, though, will change how many of us celebrate Mother’s Day this year. Many will not be able to be with their mothers. Social isolation, physical distancing ,and our concern for the welfare of loved ones and oneself force us to re-consider how we celebrate the day.

We are living in a world of uncertainty and isolation. Given that, celebrating things big and small is even more critical and life-giving! Perhaps more than in years past, we need to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

Make the time to Zoom or Facetime (I didn’t know what either was six weeks ago) if you are not able to spend time with your mother. Make the time to drive by the house and stop for a while, and as you socially distance from one another, remind them how much you love them and long to hug them again. A good friend of mine just had a new grandson, and as much as she needs and wants to hold him but can’t at the moment, she is thrilled by photos sent her way and the ability to see him through the storm door.

Our mothers are in many ways God’s greatest gifts to us. Today, let’s pause for a moment to say thank you and to remind them how much they are loved. If you are able to be with your mother this year, savor the moment and cherish the embrace. If not, let them know that you miss their hugs and kisses more than they can imagine.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Fr. Jack Ahern

Rev. Jack Ahern is the pastor of St. Gregory Parish.