Née Dudley Station, it’s now Nubian Station, MBTA says

MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak has accepted a recommendation by the MBTA Station Naming Commission to change the name of Dudley Station in Roxbury to Nubian Station. Poftak ordered MBTA staff to develop a schedule and plan to update station signage, MBTA maps and schedules, and the MBTA’s website in the coming weeks and months.

The change follows a November ballot question in Boston in which residents were asked whether to change the name of Dudley Square to Nubian Square. That non-binding referendum failed city-wide, but a majority of voters in Roxbury voted in favor of it and the change was implemented in December.

Activists who pushed for that change say Nubian Square more accurately reflects the people who now call the area home, instead of memorializing Colonial Governor Thomas Dudley, who served in the 1600s when slavery was legal. A similar effort to rename the Dudley Branch of the Boston Public Library is also under way.

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