Veteran Boston Police officer dies from virus

Veteran Boston Police officer Jose Fontenez, a 53-year-old Boston resident, died today from COVID-19, the disease cause by the coronavirus. Mayor Martin Walsh announced his death today at a press briefing at City Hall. The mayor was joined by Commissioner William Gross.

Fontanez has been assigned to Area E-13, the district that includes Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain, since 1996.

"We lost a hero today from this virus," said the mayor. "He made the ultimate sacrifice."

Commissioner Gross said that 67 members of the BPD have tested positive for the virus and that 53 officers "are still out" as they recover from or battle the illness.

A total of 84 Bostonians have now died from the illness, according to city officials. The number of total people who have been confirmed positive in the city now stands at 4,286 with 547 recorded as "recovered." Many more people likely have the illness, but have not been detected yet through testing.