BPD stats show big drop in serious crime

A review of 2021 statistics released by the Boston Police Department on Monday suggest that reported crime incidents are down 25 percent citywide compared to the same time frame last year— and even more precipitously in three of the four police districts that cover parts of Dorchester. In Area C-11— which includes eastern Dorchester along the spine of Dorchester Avenue— so-called “Part One” crime has dropped by 28 percent compared to the same three-month period in 2020. And in Area B-3, which includes Mattapan and Dorchester sections west of Washington Street, those same categories of crime are reportedly down 44 percent compared to 2020. However, B-3 continues to see a higher percentage of homicides. Four of Boston’s nine murders to date in 2021 have happened on the B-3 district. So far, no one has been killed on Area C-11 in 2021, whereas there were two murders on that district during the same time span last year.

Despite the overall decline in incidents year-to-date, Boston is seeing the same pace of reported shootings as it did in 2020. There have been 31 reported shooting incidents citywide so far in 2021 as compared to 30 last year. So far, five of those incidents resulted in fatalities.

Among the categories with the biggest decline in reports this year so far is residential burglary— which could be related to the pandemic ongoing “work/learn from home” dynamic. There were 26 fewer house burglaries in Area C-11 reported so far in 2021 between Jan. 1 and April 4 as compared to 2020. There were 30 fewer housebreaks reported in Area B-3. There were zero commercial break-ins reported in Area B-3 so far this year, according to the BPD stats.

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