One dead, two injured, one charged with OUI in early morning chain-reaction Expressway crash

State Police report that a man who got out of his car after he crashed into a guard rail was hit and killed by a another car and which was itself rammed into by another car - driven by somebody who was then charged with OUI - sending the driver and a passenger to the hospital with serious injuries.

State Police say that around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, the first driver, Christian Yemga, 34, of Quincy, hit a guardrail between the Freeport Street and Neponset Circle exits southbound, got out and began walking along the side of the road.

"The vehicle that struck the pedestrian, which contained two occupants, stopped after hitting him. Subsequently, while that vehicle was stationary, it was struck by another southbound vehicle. The two occupants of the stopped vehicle sustained serious injuries and were transported to a Boston hospital. The driver of the last vehicle involved, the one that hit the stationary vehicle, was determined to be operating under the influence and was taken into custody. "

Yemga declared dead at the scene, State Police say.

Nikita Wilkins, 33, the driver of the last car, was charged with OUI, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer, State Police say. Neither she nor her two passengers were seriously injured, State Police say.

State Police say they are continuing their investigation - including whether any charges are warranted for Yemga's death.


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