Alumni Reunion Event

Alumni Reunion Event
The Club is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Alumni & Community Reunion event this coming Saturday, March 28, 7 p.m., at the I.B.E.W. Hall on Freeport Street. We are excited to announce that we will be inducting Steven Key, Jared Blandino, Representative Linda Dorcena Forry and Danny Ryan into the Hall of Fame on this night. If you are a former member we encourage you to visit the Club's website ( and click the Alumni page to leave your profile. This will help keep you up to speed on all the comings and goings of the Alumni Association. Tickets, priced at $25, are now available for the event and can be purchased on-line or by contacting Heather Brigham at (617) 288-7120, ext. 144.
Spring Fine Arts Classes
Recently, the Arts program held registration for all Spring classes. Afternoon classes, which will begin the week of April 6 will feature Sculpture (Mondays), Drawing (Tuesdays) and Painting (Wednesdays) with a Bantam/Cadet (ages 6-9) class at 3:30 p.m. and a Junior (ages 10-12) class at 4:30 p.m.
On Thursdays we will offer a Boys Art Class (3:30) and a Girls Art Class (4:30). On Friday afternoons at the same time members can look forward to an "Open Art" class at 3. This class will combine several mediums, giving participants a chance to learn new skills. Please note that all of the previously mentioned classes require pre-registration.
In addition, Open Gamesroom Art will be offered on a Monday to Thursday schedule at 3. This class is held in the gamesroom and is offered for members not enrolled in the Fine Arts classes. In the evening hours we will be offering Teen Arts (Mondays), Digital Photography (Wednesdays) and Drop-in Art (Fridays) for our older members. Each of these classes runs from 6:30 – 8 p.m. For more information on our series of Spring classes please contact Arts Director, Donna Seery at ext. 103.
Boys Low Rim Intramural Basketball Championship
Last week the championship game was held for the 6-team Boys Low division of Intramural Basketball with the Celtics besting the Hawks 44-35. In the quarter-final games, the first of two saw the Celtics defeat the Pistons 45-34. The Celtics were led by Devante Teixeira (26), Phillip Bennett (8), Edison Vazquez (6), Danny Lopes (4) and Malik Montrond (1) while the Pistons were led by Andronique DosSantos (16), Saide Smith (12), Junior Monteiro (5) and Avery Coke (1).
In the second game the Lakers bested the Sonics 38-30. Walter Dew-Hollis (19), Jeffrey Herron (13), Jordan Washington (5) and Colin Craddock (1) led the Lakers while the Sonics were led by Samuel Alouidor (7), Neil O'Flaherty (6), Deandre Dew-Hollis (5), Romeo Miller (4), Eric Correia (2), Will Fenton (2), Kevin Zarnoch (2), Kenny Demosthene (1) and Anthony LaMonica (1).
The following week the semi-final games were held with the opener seeing the Hawks just get past the Lakers 33-31. The Hawks were led by Zelito Pina (14), Pedro Lopes (8), Charlie Curd (4), Ben O'Sullivan (4) and Malik Brown (3) while Walter Dew-Hollis (21), Jeffrey Herron (6) and Jordan Washington (4) led the Lakers. In the second game it was the Celtics defeating the Knicks by a score of 39-30. Devante Teixeira (20), Edison Vazquez (15), Phillip Bennett (2) and Le-Zhan DosSantos (2) led the Celtics while the Knicks were led by Jayden DePina (15), Henry Ennen (12), Brendan White (2) and Luis Sein (1).
In the championship game the Celtics held a 2-point lead at the half, before opening up the offense in the second half on their way to a 44-35 victory. Edison Vazquez (17), Devante Teixeira (13), Phillip Bennett (10), Le-Zhan DosSantos (2) and Danny Lopes (2) led the Celtics while the Hawks were led by Ben O'Sullivan (16), Zelito Pina (11), Charlie Curd (4), Pedro Lopes (2) and Malik Brown (2). Congratulations to both teams on their play in the championship game. For information on our upcoming Spring Athletic programs please contact Bruce Seals at ext. 105.