Foiled again! Would-be burglars caught in the act

Today is Kaitlyn's birthday. She would have been 25 years old today. She should have been 25 years old today. But she didn't want to reach 25. For reasons known only to her, she couldn't make it through her 24th year.

This weekend we had a birthday remembrance Mass for Katie as well as a 12th anniversary Mass for our cousin Duane Liotti, who at the tender age of 21 took his own life in his South Boston apartment, ironically enough on Kaitlin's 13th birthday. Two beautiful young lives ended so suddenly, so tragically. But why?

All these months, and in Duane's case, years later, we still have no answers. They took their selfish reasons with them. Suicide takes with it all that you ever were and all that you ever could have been and punishes so many survivors. I just wish that Katie had stopped and realized just how many people truly loved her and cared for her. I wish that Katie had loved and cared for herself as much as we do. But most of all I wish that my goddaughter had turned 25 years old today.
Back to work.February 3, 1:27 a.m.

The following is a true story and not an episode of Comedy Central show Reno 9-1-1! The radio call was for a breaking and entering in progress at a Ridgewood Street three decker. On arrival the officers could hear loud repeated smashing sounds coming from the second floor. The officers ascended the stairs and observed a 46-year-old Roxbury man standing on one leg with about 90 percent of his body outside of the apartment. The other 10 percent or, more specifically, the suspect's right leg was stuck inside the lower wooden panel of the apartment's front door. In the suspect's left hand was a piece of wood that he was using to bang on the door pleading for someone to come and free him from his self-imposed comical predicament. After a bit of a struggle, the clueless cat burglar was freed of the door and placed into custody and charged with B&E night time and malicious destruction of property.
January 31, 10:43 p.m.

Another radio call for a report of a breaking and entering in progress at a Charles Street apartment building. When officers approached the scene they observed a 20-year-old South Boston man attempting to load a clothes dryer onto the back of a vehicle. The man explained that he was only removing his property from an apartment. All well and good, but he didn't live there and the dryer was taken from the basement with the freshly damaged lock. The building's owner arrived and stated she met the dryer before, because she owned it, but she had never met the suspect before. That sealed the deal and the suspect was arrested for B&E night time.
December 10, 12:16 p.m.

Officers Tully and Zanoli in the C-11 wagon were traveling down Ashmont Street toward Florida Street when they saw a middle aged male standing by a first floor window screen, pressing on it. The officers turned the wagon around and this time they observed the gentleman removing a large pane of broken glass from a different window. The man then attempted to pull himself up and into the window (breaking the rest of the glass in the process) before he was stopped and pulled back out by the officers, who after a violent struggle placed the 53-year-old Ashmont Street resident under arrest for B&E daytime. By the way there were no calls to 911 for glass breaking or suspicious behavior at the victim's address. If the officers hadn't been so attentive this loser would have gotten away and I'm sure committed more break ins.
January 17, 3:20 p.m.

This time an alert neighbor called 911 after seeing a young man walk to the rear of a Columbia Road home and throw a rock through a rear window, which he then entered. Arriving officers quickly set up a perimeter around the building and observed a suspect inside a first floor apartment. Officers ordered the suspect to vacate, but he ducked back inside. Suddenly the officer who was guarding was nearly knocked over by the suspect who pushed open the door and, seeing the officer, slammed it back shut. A BPD canine was summoned to the scene and upon seeing and hearing the dog barking, the suspect immediately gave up. So did his girlfriend, who was also found on scene. Call it a two for one special. The 23-year-old Dot man and his 30-year-old Mattapan companion face several charges.

Tonight at C-11 is our monthly meeting at 7 p.m., I hope to see you there. Maybe Dennis will whip up a batch of sugar cookies. This week's guest is from the Boston Police Academy. So if you're looking to someday join the ranks of Boston's finest and are wondering what will be expected of you, please come and join us for an hour.