Job well done on the T

Let’s give a big shout-out to those two MBTA employees who worked together to save a life.

The story of the inebriated woman who fell onto the tracks in front of an oncoming Orange Line T train has become national news. Concerned fellow passengers scrambled to flag down the train just as it was arriving, but we can only imagine their sense of dread as they witnessed what seemed to be an impending tragedy.

But T train operator Charice Lewis of Mattapan and inspector Jacqueline Osorio of Dorchester worked quickly together to prevent the mishap. Even as the passengers flailed about, Inspector Osorio quickly called ahead on her walkie-talkie to the train operator, who herself had the presence of mind to bring the train to an emergency stop.
Quoted by The Boston Globe this week, Lewis said, “People say ‘The T’s bad, the T’s this, the T’s that.’ There’s a lot of T employees; we do what we’re supposed to do.’’

Enough said. Some might say their actions were heroic. But they were trained for their roles, and they carried them out professionally,
Another case of public employees simply doing their jobs. We can be proud of them.

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