Safe Summer Streets Basketball/Swim Team Registration

Intermediate/Senior Basketball League

With one week of regular season play remaining, teams are positioning themselves for the post-season tournament in the 10-team I/S Basketball League. In the six-team Senior division it is Michigan in first place with a 7-2 record followed closely by Baylor at 7-3, N.C. State at 6-3, Duke at 6-4, Syracuse at 2-7 and California at 0-9. In the 4-team Intermediate division it is Boston College in the lead at 9-0 followed by Georgia Tech at 6-3, Stanford at 3-6 and U.N.C. at 0-9. In games from the past week it was Boston College, behind the offense of Rayshaw Matthews (17) defeating Georgia Tech 68-64. Tre Fernandes (22) led Georgia Tech. In the second game of Tuesday’s double-header it was Duke defeating California 63-49. Joey Brandao (19) led Duke while Hollister Elliot (25) led California. On Saturday the first of four games saw Michigan hold off a late-charging Syracuse 63-53. Aaron Johnson (32) and Joao Fernandes (25) led Michigan and Syracuse respectively. In the second game Georgia Tech defeated Stanford 79-49. Tre Fernandes (23) led Georgia Tech while Ronnie Jackson (29) led Stanford. In the next game Boston College defeated U.N.C. by a score of 67-56. Dwayne Harper (23) led Boston College while U.N.C. was led by Malik James (29). In the final game of the afternoon it was N.C. State defeating Baylor 72-63. Eric Johnson (16) led N.C. State while Baylor was led by Donny Whalen (25). After two more nights of regular season play this week, the play-off tournament will begin on 6/9 and will conclude with a best-of-three championship series for both divisions on 6/16, 6/18 and 6/20. For information on any of our upcoming Athletic programs please contact Bruce Seals at ext. 105.

Social Recreation Program

The Social Recreation program, which is based out of the gamesroom, serves our 6-12 year old members with a variety of activities. Each afternoon there is a drop-in art workshop, board games, outdoor activities, tournaments and small group activities for members to join in on. In addition there are small group clubs such as the Girls Group, Torch Club and Cooking Club for members to join. Upcoming special events include orientation for Camp Northbound (6/6 & 6/9) and the Disney for Kids trip (6/10 & 6/11), trips to the Museum of Science (6/5) and Six Flags (6/20) and our approaching Member Recognition Night Dinner (6/25). Please note that the Camp Northbound, Disney for Kids and Member Recognition Night activities are by invitation only. For more information on activities in the Social Recreation program please contact Vanusa Gomes at ext. 111.

Safe Summer Streets Basketball/Swim Team Registration

On 6/13 we will begin taking registrations for two upcoming Safe Summer Streets program activities. Included in the registration will be the 16-team Safe Summer Streets Basketball League for boys and girls ages 13-18. There will be three divisions of play: Girls (ages 13-18); Intermediate Boys (ages 13-15); and Senior Boys (ages 15-18). The league will play games in the evenings in July and August. The Summer Swim Team will also begin taking registrations for swimmers ages 6 to 18 who can pass a 50 yd. swim. The team practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings during July and August. Both program are part of the Safe Summer Streets program which will be entering its 20th year this summer. The program keeps our Deer Street facility open an additional 36 hours per week for our teen members on a Monday through Saturday schedule from 5:00 – 11:00 p.m. In addition to the activities mentioned above there will be many other activities including a Family Night, Color War event, Career Fair, College Alumni Night, Semi-Formal Dance, Girls Trip to New York City, Inter-Club Field Day, Mothers & Mentors Dinner and much more. All you will need is a current membership ($5 for one year), proof of age and an orientation to take part. For more information please contact Teen Director’s Xiomara Alicea or Tome’ Andrade at (617) 288-7120, ext. 122.