Mattahunt partnership called ‘best chance’ for moving forward

To the Editor:

I am glad to see attention being given to the needs of Mattapan children, but I’m concerned that your article, “Mattahunt center in limbo; community bypassed, say critics,” leaves a misleading impression about the ongoing discussions between Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Wheelock College, and Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF).

We opened our Club at the Mattahunt Elementary School in 2001, and moved into the former BCYF community center this September when classroom space in the school became unavailable. We were able to continue serving the children in the community without interruption, and are confident that we will continue to keep our commitment to families that have come to rely on us.

The challenging economic climate has forced many non-profit and government agencies to make difficult choices, and working together collaboratively is our best chance to meet the needs of our city’s most vulnerable residents. BGCB has a long history of collaboration with the Mayor’s Office, The Greater Boston Food Bank, the MFA, and the Boston Police Department, to name just a few of the nearly 200 organizations with which we partner to benefit nearly 14,000 children and teens across the city. We look forward to adding Wheelock College to that list and to combining our resources and expertise to ensure that Mattapan’s young people can continue to find a safe haven filled with hope and opportunity at the Boys & Girls Club in their community.

- Josh Kraft, President and CEO 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston