Marr-lin swim team hosted Watertown

Marr-lin Swim Team hosts Watertown - The Marr-lin Swim Team hosted the Watertown Club for their final dual-meet of 2012. Marr-lin swimmers helped propel the team to win all five age groups.

Swimmers in our 10&U age group who improved on their best times include the following: Kate McGrath (100 yd. I.M. 1:43.66), Charlotte Airosus (100 yd. I.M. 1:52.57), Jason Casey (100 yd. I.M. 1:45.88), Brendan Cadogan (100 yd. I.M. 1:46.52), Rosemary Gould (50 yd. Freestyle 45.06), Noni Louisma (50 yd. Freestyle 49.93), Amanda Arcieri (50 yd. Freestyle 42.69), Denise O’Donovan (50 yd. Freestyle 49.10), Alison Cahill (50 yd. Freestyle 39.88), Audra Garvey (50 yd. Freestyle 40.06), Julieanne Stones (50 yd. Freestyle 44.06), Sydney Denver (100 yd. Freestyle 1:54.75), Aidan Geary (100 yd. Freestyle 2:01.99), Kaleigh Cadogan (50 yd. Backstroke 57.44), Noel Hume (50 yd. Backstroke 1:08.94), Shannon Greene (50 yd. Backstroke 57.06), Olivia Brown (50 yd. Backstroke 1:07.10), Will Hingston (50 yd. Breaststroke 1:04.93), Gabriella Gold (50 yd. Breaststroke 1:22.34), Eric Mischler (50 yd. Breaststroke 49.09), Elicia Langley (50 yd. Breaststroke 1:10.00) and Thomas Flaherty (50 yd. Breaststroke 1:00.25). Next up for the Marr-lins will be a dual meet vs. Charlestown and the Nashua Pentathlon Meet. For information on the Marr-lin Swim Team please contact Aquiles Gomes (

Family Zumba Class - Members and their parents are invited to take part in our next monthly Zumba Class scheduled for Saturday, January 19th from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. in the gym. The class is a great way for families to excercise, and to coordinate schedules to spend time with one another at the Club. We will also offer sessions on 2/23 and 3/23. For more information, or to register, please contact Bruce Seals (