The state ballot questions: A ‘No’ and three ‘Yes’ votes

The Reporter recommends the following positions on the four questions that will appear on state ballots on Nov. 4.

Question 1—A move to eliminate the current indexing of the gas tax would hamper the capacity of the state and city to make needed repairs to roads and bridges. The Reporter agrees with Mayor Walsh and other local leaders and advises a NO vote.

Question 2— Expanding the state’s current bottle bill to include bottled water, sports drinks and other beverage containers just makes sense and will limit litter by encouraging more recycling. We join those who advise a YES vote.

Question 3— The casino experiment in Massachusetts was a desperate measure when it was first proposed at the height of recession. Now, our state’s economy is growing and construction is booming. Casinos prey on low-income people and suck money out of neighborhoods and into out-of-state pockets. Boston— and the Commonwealth— can do better than that. We agree with those who advise a YES vote to halt the expansion of casino gaming in the state.

Question 4— The Earned Sick Time measure will help cash-and-time-strapped workers by allowing them to bank up to 40 hours a year to care for themselves and their kids who are ill. This is a compassionate proposal that will help many of our neighbors in need. The Reporter joins respected community leaders like Lew Finfer in advising a YES vote.
– Bill Forry