Dateline: The Banshee

Wednesday morning is go-time for the Reporter staff. We finalize the front page, finish up copy and ads— and send everything off to the printer. In over 30 years of publishing, we’ve never missed a deadline.

This winter has repeatedly tested that record. We’ve had to push up deadlines to anticipate blizzards and driving bans. But this week brought a new obstacle: Our office building was evacuated around 7:30 a.m. when a large section of the roof of the Bayside Expo Center collapsed next door to our building. The collapse triggered a smelly and potentially dangerous gas leak. We were told that our building was off limits for the rest of the day.

Undaunted, our staff decamped with our most essential computer equipment to the DoubleTree Hotel next door. The staff there were very accommodating and it was a great alternative spot to work. Until the power went out. With pressure mounting to finish the paper on time, staff reporter Lauren Dezenski made an inspired suggestion: The Banshee. The Dorchester Ave. pub is a favored after-work destination that offered Wi-Fi and workspace. Owners Michael Vaughan and Ray Butler and their staff were—as always— gracious hosts and eager to help. We are grateful to them for their hospitality.

The Reporter expects to be back in our normal digs in time for the next edition. For now, though, we’ll raises our glasses in salute to the Banshee and the imminent arrival of spring. Slainte!