Letter to the Editor: Where are the Morton Street improvements?

I am running out of patience on the Morton Street/Gallivan Boulevard intersection. On, Fri., May 25, a man was killed in a hit-and run-accident. MBTA buses have been hit, and there have been numerous accidents and near accidents daily.

In 2008, the community met with city and state officials to design a plan for the intersection. But, there wasn’t any money available to make it happen. In 2010, $750,000 was found for a redesign of the intersection, and there were numerous meetings to show what it would look like. One designer even included a rotary! Did this person being paid by the state ever visit this intersection? Did he or she not see the fire station, the Gallivan development, the side streets and the MBTA and school bus stops? I guess not.   

In 2017, the community was told that $3.2 million had been set aside to upgrade the intersection. I asked why so much for working traffic lights? I was told it was to include the upgrade and sidewalks three blocks away and that the project was going to start this past spring. In March 2018, the community was told the RFP was going into the papers the weekend of May 5. Obviously, the intersection is on the back burner again and now a man has died. Like the gun laws, how many people have to suffer or die before anything is done?

Yes, the State Police and Boston Police have attended meetings along with other political representatives to support this community, but something must be done, and soon, before another person is killed or injured.

Barbara Crichlow
West Selden Street