Letter to the Editor: Dot Block looks like a first step to a ‘Dot Blot?’

To the Editor:

Despite years of community input aimed at paring down Dot Block’s overwhelming size and promoting much more housing affordability plus high employment standards for this enormous project, it was voted through the BPDA Board a second time last Wednesday with no consideration to these valid community concerns.

Since Gerald Chan, a billionaire from Cambridge, bought control of this property and others in the surrounding area, Dot Block abutters and nearby residents can expect a rise in displacement in addition to a long, disruptive construction process. And just wait until the project is done and its 350-vehicle garage on site is fully operational. This will create an untenable amount of additional traffic and pollution in an already over congested area along Dorchester Ave & Hancock St.

Because the developers are refusing to take community concerns seriously, much more development like Dot Block in the greater Glovers Corner area will be a given, attracting similar occupying financial powers. In fact, they have already arrived and they are now drilling into the cliffs on the other side of Hancock Street to: (1) build units with a minimum amount of affordability and (2) increase local traffic on the same overburdened streets.

So, it’s no wonder that when I spoke just recently to a current resident in the immediate area of both projects, he told me that he and his family will be moving out soon. There is every reason for the name “Dot Blot” to catch on.

Janet Jones