Clark Booth on Sports

Sporting life does not utterly suspend during the fortnight (and change) of the quadrennial Winter Olympics, nor plunge into a deep freeze. It just seems so.

But the NBA will press on with its essentially meaningless regular season. More’s the... Read more

Out of a sense of obligation if nothing more, and in deference to America’s second most favorite secular holiday (right after Halloween), we offer some (hopefully) last observations on Soupy XLVIII, laced (naturally) with the usual snide asides.

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Here’s a handful of random thoughts and snippy asides to chew on as you await Soupey Sunday’s annual larger than life incarnation:

Does anyone else find it marvelously ironic that while Pete Carroll scales the heights inching to the top, Bill... Read more

The Patriots just weren’t that good this season. It’s that simple! Everyone with a column, a blog, a microphone, a bandstand, a place on Facebook, even a quill pen, has been insisting as much with varying degrees of vehemence since last July. 

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Rounding the bases while waiting for the NFL’s version of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, although which of them – Tom Terrific or Peyton the Sublime – is a Clanton and which an Earp is entirely in the eyes of the beholder. All that hokey folderol aside... Read more

The Winter Games at Sochi have been dreaded since the moment they were proclaimed. Now, with but a month to go before they unfold – no doubt with the customary bombast at least on the surface – the dread approaches panic. Does the premise of the... Read more

The bards and sages of the Associated Press news service, who do this stuff as well as anybody, have ranked the top sports stories of 2013 and the winner – if you will pardon the use of that thinly appropriate term – is our own Boston Marathon, albeit... Read more

Clearing the decks soon to be draped in holly as the clock runs out on what’s been another banner year in sports – especially if you hail from New England!

 The scorecard for 2013 is stunning! A spectacular championship in baseball. In... Read more

It’s a stretch to suggest that a game can possibly be more fun when it is not being played. But in terms of tactics, intrigue, gamesmanship, and, yes, skullduggery, it is increasingly tough to top Baseball’s hot-stove season, featuring the manic... Read more

Halls of Fame are a dime a dozen. Every high school has one. So, increasingly, do middle schools. Are grammar schools next? Every profession maintains one save, perhaps, for the world’s oldest. Should you be any such proud honoree you are free to exult... Read more

In the mad, mad, mad, mad world of the unsinkable Alex Rodriguez, these are the best of times. There he sits at the epicenter of that narrow universe he has so long occupied with occasional degrees of dominance. And yet never before has it been quite... Read more

It’s time to catch up on stray issues and questions while waiting for baseball’s Hot Stove Season to warm up. With the de-fanged Yankees suddenly pussy-footing the scene they once so dominated, it may never quite come to a boil this year. You need a... Read more

Now that baseball is done we are free to sit back and savor the merry mayhem of the National Football League although it can be argued – and will be here – that the biggest game of the season has already been played, although who won or lost surely... Read more

Smead Jolley here!

Not that this week’s diatribe will constitute eating crow nor even faintly smack of apologia. No way! After all, I didn’t promise St. Louis would beat your pixilated town team in the late and rather more glorified than either... Read more

Local media cheerleaders pulled mightily for the snorting, stomping, stampeding Red Sox to catch the Dodgers in baseball’s annual grand finale, but it’s far more appropriate that it should be the Cardinals.

When baseball is the issue, St. Louis... Read more