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I commend the Department of Conservation and Recreation for planning modern upgrades for Morrissey Boulevard (MB). However, in my opinion,... Read more

To the Editor: In the wake of the recent string of violence that has taken place in the Uphams Corner neighborhood of Dorchester, Bird Street Community Center is reaching out to our community to offer our assistance in any way needed.

On Thurs... Read more

What cosmic interruption, dark hole, or time warp brought us to this place? In less than a decade we have slipped the bonds of reason and descended into chaos. Up is down, right is wrong, character is caricature, and truth malleable as bluster and... Read more

Some people drew a blank when the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate opened on Columbia Point two years ago. I remember thinking, “Institute for the U.S. Senate? What’s that?” But now I know better and can appreciate how much the... Read more

To catch a wave you have to be looking for it. The Massachusetts Democratic Party’s annual convention last weekend was one place to find some forward motion in our state’s political pond. The question is: What is causing the wave? An answer could be... Read more

To the Editor:

Since Donald Trump removed the United States from participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change, it has been heartening to see governors and mayors pledge to hold their states and cities to the standards... Read more

To the Editor:

As a Dorchester resident I commend Officer Mike Keaney for his personal and public involvement when a person, in a local store, made a public comment using the word “just” (Reporter, May 18). His article was very... Read more

The following article was sent to the Reporter by 8th Grade Class 303 at the Richard J. Murphy K-8 School:

Standing at the door looking into a random Boston Public Schools classroom as the teacher scrawls intently on the board, three of... Read more

To the Editor:

I so appreciated Officer Keaney’s thoughtful reflection (May 18, page 1) regarding the hateful speech he overheard in a coffee shop; however, I find it ironic that under the headline “The power of a single word... Read more

Aaron Hernandez will have died an innocent man under existing legal precedents. Massachusetts law holds that a convicted defendant has a right of appeal and a conviction does not become final until the appeal has been exhausted. The rationale is based... Read more

As a high school student I worked summers on Long Island. First as an orderly in the chronic disease hospital and later on the grounds crew. Privately owned until 1885, the island was once farmland, the site of a lighthouse, fishing village, Civil War... Read more