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A few weeks ago, I read Mr. Nam Pham’s column on his proud stance as a Republican. Although I admire and appreciate a diversity of opinion against the backdrop of an... Read more

Policing high crime areas presents significant challenges. The affected communities demand protection yet resent heavy-handed tactics that sometimes focus on the innocent or result in a response out of proportion to a perceived offense.

While a... Read more

To the Editor:

The Reporter recently ran a story saying that residents in Pope’s Hill aren’t concerned about the rise of overnight apartment-and-home rentals (... Read more

When fast-food workers first started organizing to raise wages to $15 an hour, most people simply shook their heads. Although some thought the workers deserved a good wage, they wondered how they could ever get these huge corporations to boost wages.... Read more

To The Editor:

Thanks for reprinting Chris Lovett’s thoughtful article about Kit Clark’s many contributions to Dorchester.

I remember her also co-chairing the Dorchester-Columbia Point Task Force in 1972. It was formed to deal with... Read more

They have been treated like 1950s children, left to play on their own, and sometimes squabbling among themselves with nobody paying much attention. Now, the most politically powerful person in Massachusetts will be one of theirs. And the Massachusetts... Read more

The judge got it right in sentencing former Probation Commissioner John O’Brien and two of his top aides. They were instruments for others who formulated a plan to facilitate patronage. Under the circumstances, severe sentences were unwarranted.

... Read more

There are basically two kinds of intelligence. While psychologists have better definitions, I believe people are possessed to one degree or another with both cerebral and instinctive abilities. The first is of the mind and the second, the heart.

... Read more

I have been told that Ward 16, Precinct 9 – the section of Dorchester between Minot, Adams, and Ashmont Streets – is the most conservative voting precinct in the city. On Election Day last week, the precinct favored Charlie Baker, 469-356, or 59... Read more

To the Editor:

Many voters in the 12th Suffolk district (15 pMany voters in the 12th Suffolk district (15 precincts in Mattapan and Dorchester) may have been surprised to see a fifth question on the ballot election day! This was the non-binding... Read more

The following excerpts are from Governor Deval Patrick’s 
remarks at the funeral of Former Mayor Thomas M. Menino
 on Monday, Nov. 3 at Most Precious Blood Parish, Hyde Park.

Ten years ago I went to visit Mayor Menino to ask for his support in... Read more