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The Grade Four students at Saint Brendan School have been debating question 2. “Some strongly support question 2 and some are decidedly against it,” said their teacher, Florence Cronin.

Dear Editor,

I believe that there should not... Read more

To the Editor:
I encourage Dorchester voters to join me in voting Yes on 2 on Election Day because we have far too much litter in Dorchester and updating the Bottle Bill will help to address this issue.

As a community activist, I have... Read more

The theme of this year’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month is "Expect. Employ. Empower." The slogan reflects the reality that people with disabilities have the education, training, experience, and the desire to be successful in the... Read more

The advertisements for casinos are so glamorous. Sexy young people gathered around a roulette wheel dressed in ravishing clothing and oozing wealth. And the picture painted by the casino industry that wants to be in our commonwealth is of a gambling... Read more

Over three decades ago, Massachusetts put a five-cent refundable deposit on soda and beer bottles to reduce litter in our state’s parks, waterways, and streets. The existing Bottle Bill — while proven to be a success with 80 percent of bottles and cans... Read more

About one third of Dorchester workers, and almost one million statewide, are entitled to no sick days with their jobs. But if Question 4 passes on Election Day, they can earn up to five sick days or forty hours a year to take care of themselves, their... Read more

To the Editor:

Dear Neighbor: I am very impressed with a team of three Green-Rainbow candidates, who are running for statewide office and will be on the November ballot. They are: Danny Factor for Secretary of State; Ian Jackson for Treasurer;... Read more

Of late I have been grappling with a new theology that seeks to reconcile evolution and advances in scientific knowledge with Christianity. I did so with some trepidation, concerned that what I might learn would undermine the faith upon which I depend... Read more

To the Editor:

My daughter, Monaisha Berry, was a student at the Marshall Elementary School in Dorchester in 2012. Her experience at the school was a bad one. Monaisha is a special needs student with serious academic and behavioral struggles... Read more

The three-decker is like a snowflake; there are no two that are exactly the same. To the untrained eye, all three-deckers may look similar, but we in Dorchester know that each one is different in its own special way. The view down a three-decker lined... Read more

Forty years ago, shortly before forced busing went into effect, I was a new judge appointed to Dorchester District Court. Since much of the anger and violence associated with that ill-conceived “solution” to segregated Boston schools spilled into the... Read more

I loved working with my dad, but I hated a summer job he gave me.

He owned a small butcher shop. At his store the last person hired— “the new guy”— got the worst jobs and the boss’s son was not exempt.

The operation had changed from when... Read more

Our second “Ole Cottage” encampment took place in July. The same family with more gear than the average fire department and enough food and drink for three weddings. As usual “Cool Nana” – a name given to her by her grandchildren because she texts them... Read more