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By Roy Lincoln Karp
Special to the Reporter

When I was a boy, I had a secret hiding place in a musty closet in my bedroom, a room that doubled as my father’s office. I would scamper up a set of angled shoe shelves,... Read more

By Al Vega

The Massachusetts Legislature needs to finally pass a wage theft bill (H.1033 / S.999) to protect Massachusetts workers and their ability to support their families.  Since 2009 I have worked with the Massachusetts... Read more

By Davida Andelman, Clarkson Street

To the Editor: As 2017 draws to a close, I ask what has changed for the better in our community?  It’s hard sometimes to come up with something positive to say.  Many accuse... Read more

By Lewis Finfer, Special to the Reporter

Joe Timilty, raised in Dorchester, was almost elected Mayor of Boston in 1975 and served as a city councillor and state senator. He died at home from cancer on Dec. 22 at age 79.

... Read more

By Michelle Wu and Ayanna Pressley

The power of the consumer is on full display during the holiday season. But ads targeting holiday shoppers hardly ever focus on price alone, because gift-givers and deal-finders alike are... Read more

By James W. Dolan, Special to the Reporter

About a dozen members of the BC High class of 1956 gathered recently for lunch at Amrheins. Attendance at the annual event has diminished as class members have died or become disabled.... Read more

By Roy Lincoln Karp, Special to the Reporter

“You can’t get to a good place in a bad way.” I learned this Native American saying from Janet Connors, the longtime Dorchester activist and educator who helped teach me how to... Read more

After a PLAN: Glover’s Corner planning meeting became the site of a community protest, the Reporter asked activists and the city to... Read more

After a PLAN: Glover’s Corner planning meeting became the site of a community protest, the Reporter asked activists and the city to... Read more

By Eleanor Pelletier, Penelope Duff-Wender, Dorchester

To the Editor:

We think that single use plastic bags should be banned in Boston. We think this because turtles and other marine animals are choking and starving to... Read more

By Marty Walsh

I’m lucky to call Boston home. My parents immigrated here with little more than their hope for a better life. They raised me in Dorchester, where I learned the value of hard work, second chances, and standing up... Read more

By James W. Dolan. Special to the Reporter

It’s all about winning. President Trump sees the world divided between winners and losers. He’s the winner-in-chief and opponents are losers incapable of recognizing his unique skills... Read more

By Danielle Sommer and Mike Prokosch, Special to the Reporter

Housing costs a lot in Boston. It’s getting harder to find a home you can rent or own. And people of color are being pushed out of the city, increasing segregation... Read more

The following essay was written by 13-year-old Heaven Lowery, an 8th grader in Mr. Yang’s English class at TechBoston Academy:

“On July 7, 2008, ‘Tiffany’ Lomax (28) was shot to death while riding in a car. The family of a city woman... Read more

By Lew Finfer. Special to the Reporter

This fall you have a chance to help advance a measure that would help most people in Dorchester and another that would help 13,000 of them.

Really. Read on.

The first item is... Read more