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June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month, and Alzheimer’s disease is a subject that is very personal to me.  My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and I saw firsthand the toll it takes on a family, and the love and patience that is required to care for... Read more

Starting with the Puritans who gathered in 1630 to found Dorchester and the First Parish Church congregation, our neighborhood has been home to immigrants and their descendants from nearly every nation on the earth for almost 400 years.

In... Read more

To the Editor:

In political discourse, the strength of someone’s substantive arguments usually has an inverse relationship to how readily they resort to logical fallacy.  Recently, Boston 2024 and its proponents have resorted to this tactic to... Read more

One of our neighborhood’s most beautiful landmarks is nearing a milestone celebration. Cedar Grove Cemetery, that bucolic swath of land nestled on the Neponset River near Lower Mills, will begin to observe its 150th year later this decade.

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not repentant for the harm he has caused. He is not asking for mercy or forgiveness. He sees himself as a Muslim warrior fully justified in retaliating against America for thousands of innocent civilians who have suffered and died... Read more

If society truly measures people by both financial success and charitable works, Andrew Carney ranks as one of the greatest rag-to-riches stories in America’s annals.

Before there were “Horatio Alger” stories, there was Andrew Carney. Today,... Read more

Frankly, I’m not surprised at the level of skepticism that has greeted the possibility of the Summer Olympics coming to Boston. That Yankee caution and resistance to all things new has permeated our culture for centuries. And while as a region we often... Read more

Trash, trash, and more trash. Our city, like almost every other community in Massachusetts, has a big problem with its waste, reports Bruce Mohl in CommonWealth Magazine:

“Trash is one of those problems that stares Massachusetts residents in the... Read more

The following letter to the editor was secondarily addressed to state Rep. Evandro C. Carvalho of the Fifth Suffolk District:

Dear Rep. Carvalho,

We, the members of the Ward 15 Democratic Committee, were very pleased to... Read more

Earlier this school year, I had the rare opportunity to leave my chosen profession behind for a few short hours and step into another role: guest principal at the historic Mather Elementary school in Dorchester.

I was given this unique... Read more