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Ballou Avenue is one of those Dorchester streets that can easily be overlooked. Tucked along the Fairmount Line tracks to the southwest of Codman Square, it’s a residential street with some very nice homes.
But until recently, it was also home... Read more

The community health center movement in the United States may have had its beginning at Columbia Point, Dorchester, in 1965, but only after the idea had been conceived and executed more than 8,000 miles away.
In the late 1950s, H. Jack Geiger, a... Read more

The opening in 2013 of the Four Corners/Geneva commuter rail station has been a life-enhancing revelation for many of us who depend on public transportation to commute into Boston from Four Corners and neighboring communities.

Before the... Read more

It will be a party. A party in her honor.

Next Friday evening, 1803 Dot Ave. will be transformed into a place where Dorchester’s Florence Hagins will be celebrated. Florence passed away last March after years of activism that resulted in... Read more

Having had two rounds of chemotherapy, my wife is now beginning what she calls Plan C. She says. “I’ll continue treating for as long as they have letters in the alphabet or I’m too tired to go on.” It has now been two years since she was diagnosed with... Read more

Income Inequality: Everybody’s talking about it. Every day a new report documents the growing gap between the rich and the middle class and the working poor. What’s going on here? What are the roots of the income inequality in our country? Is it... Read more

Homelessness and lack of affordable housing is a nationwide crisis, but one nonprofit agency, Brookview House, is a gem in Dorchester that is more than just a gleam of hope. For 25 years, Brookview House has served as an integral step to a brighter... Read more

On Jan. 8, 2015, Boston was given the incredible opportunity to explore bidding for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games. It was a historic moment that sparked a months-long discussion about our city’s future. And from the very beginning, we were thinking... Read more

Those of us who went to Boston Latin School know that a luminary sheds light upon a situation.  That is my assignment today, as it was last year.  So much has changed in twelve months. Without any doubt, the future of downtown Boston is robust.  I will... Read more

The pain started a little after lunch. Was it what she ate or something more serious, like the blockage that put her in the hospital for a week last March? With ovarian cancer, one never knows. When the pain persisted, we reluctantly decided to leave... Read more

Seven months after Boston beat out three other US cities in its quest to host the Olympic Games, things ended abruptly last Monday–a frenzied morning press conference, a couple of hours of waiting until, unceremoniously, a joint press release cut the... Read more

BEIJING – I’m sad for my city this week. The Olympics will not be coming to Boston. It’s a disappointing result for a big Games supporter like myself, but that’s not the reason for my sadness. What’s bringing me down is how we said “No.”

Living... Read more

Thank goodness, it’s over. No 2024 Olympics based in Boston, and it is to be hoped, no more surly confrontations between the pros and the cons, no more nattering about details and semi-details about something that would have had to evolve over nine... Read more