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During the 1930s, the gangster Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter why he robbed banks. His famous reply: “Because that’s where the money is!”  If we look at where the bulk of federal spending goes, it is clear that the military budget is â€... Read more

Health care professionals need to do more to educate parents, grandparents, and other relatives who assist new mothers in child care of current recommendations and discuss the risks and benefits of their choices for infant sleeping practices.

... Read more

There’s an anecdote of modest historical note that came out of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, the president, in hat and tails, standing at the top of the steps of the Capitol in the cold, and noticing among the swells a minor political figure from... Read more

I have a brother in western Massachusetts. He recently turned 65 and is as handsome as ever. One of his neighbors hung a sheet near his cabin with “65 & HOT” painted in big red letters.

He has one of those heads that looks good shaved,... Read more

Three years ago, I didn’t have the courage or confidence to address a room full of people.

In May, I stood on the stage in Alumni Hall at Stonehill College explaining to trustees, donors, and alumni how the William Devin Scholarship has given... Read more

The full moon is traditionally associated with temporal insomnia, insanity, and various magical phenomena. Psychologists, however, have found that there is no strong evidence proving these effects on human behavior around the time of a full moon.... Read more

Firefighters are often first on the scene and last to leave. We risk our safety to keep residents of the city safe. On this eighth anniversary week of 9-11, we remember the 343 firefighters lost in that tragedy, and recognize Boston firefighters, past... Read more

I cannot understand the so-called “Christian Right.” They profess to be Christians but their political philosophy strikes me as decidedly non-Christian.

What is so Christ-like about the distorted, hateful campaign they continue to wage not... Read more

On Friday morning at 1:45, I left the John F. Kennedy Library having joined tens of thousands who paid their respects as Senator Ted Kennedy’s body lay in repose there.

At 5 p.m. the previous evening, my wife and I had gone to see the... Read more

I am at an age where a few of my friends have lost their wives. The period of adjustment appears deeper and longer than for wives who lose their husbands. But then I’ve always believed that women alone are more independent and self-sufficient than... Read more

Hundreds of the streets that make up neighborhoods in and around Boston are littered with garbage. This lack of consideration for the environment greatly lowers the quality of life in these neighborhoods. In my town of Mattapan there are at least... Read more

A Reporter story in the Aug. 13 edition quoted Eric Lindsey of The Bentley Real Estate Group as saying that the Section 8 market is “killing the regular market.”

That’s a ridiculous and inaccurate statement. The Section 8 voucher program... Read more

A tough economy combined with a healthy dose of rainy weather this summer has left many children and families in Boston searching for fun, inexpensive, and creative ways to pass the time. While thousands of tourists flock here every summer, those of... Read more

Anticipating at least a debate around expanded gambling this fall, and perhaps operational casino or slot machine venues as early as next year, Attorney General Martha Coakley is pushing for expanded wiretapping authority and a new definition of money-... Read more

Even the most seasoned prosecutors are haunted by cases involving abused and neglected children. By the time those cases make it to court, the damage to innocent children is done and their lives are irrevocably changed.

While the majority of... Read more