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Saturday Night Live should come up with a new formula that combines debating and prizefighting as a way to give viewers a definite winner and loser instead of the endless “spinning” that occurs under the traditional debate formula. Both sides now claim... Read more

To the Editor:

I have four children who play on this street along with many other children who live in this neighborhood and I have to yell at cars as they fly up my street going in excess of 50 m.p.h.

Myself and many... Read more

To the Editor:

Dorchester resident Ryan Landry was the special guest speaker at the Dorchester Historical Society’s Gala on October 12th at the Venezia Restaurant. The comedian, playwright and director, who entertained the audience with a... Read more

Individuals with disabilities constitute the world’s single largest minority group, an estimated one billion people or 15 percent of the world’s population. They comprise one in five Americans and that number will increase as our population ages.... Read more

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, yet despite increased education and awareness around the issue, domestic violence persists in our culture. Twenty-five percent of women and eight percent of men have experienced abuse from an intimate... Read more

Our city is deep in conversation on efforts to create a new school assignment system. As many parents know and as we have heard loud and clear today’s system is too complicated, frustrating, and unpredictable for too many of our families. My goal is... Read more

To the Editor:

The new school assignment proposals by BPS dodge the most pressing issue for parents: not proximity but quality. Quality will not follow the chopping up of maps. It’ll result only from diligent, equitable investment in schools, a... Read more

The recently released proposed options for Improving School Choice raises too many questions, and provides not enough answers or information, to justify a rushed process to push through a decision in changing how students are assigned to Boston Public... Read more

The release last week of an armed career criminal from his prison sentence on gun, ammunition, and drug convictions shows just how serious the ongoing crisis at a Department of Public Health drug-testing facility is and how that crisis will affect... Read more

To the Editor:

I am an extremist. In a September 20 opinion piece in the Dorchester Reporter ("City gets reform"), Mayor Menino defended... Read more

In January I made a promise to our city’s parents and children. Our families would like a school choice system that passes the common-sense test. Today’s system does not.

In the Bowdoin/Geneva area of Dorchester, where families speak 15... Read more

Remarks to the External Advisory Committee on School Choice
Superintendent Carol R. Johnson
Monday, September 24, 2012

Let me begin by acknowledging Mayor Menino and the tremendous team efforts that have gone... Read more

Do those who achieve what we define today as success actually merit it? Are those who attain wealth, power, and status really better than the rest of us? Republicans tend to stress the importance of the individual. Wealth, in particular, becomes the... Read more

Today, here in Boston and nationally there is a lot of conversation about teachers unions and contract negotiations – from political posturing to a strike in Chicago.   I can imagine how difficult it is to separate the substance from the noise. 

... Read more