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It’s getting crowded in the Whitey Bulger biopic field. The news that local-boys-made-good-Hollywood-wise Matt Damon and Ben Affleck plan to bring Jimmy Bulger’s saga to the big screen should surprise no one around here. After all, they grew up in... Read more

To the Editor:

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks once more to all my Dorchester friends and supporters for all your help and assistance over the course of many election campaigns over the past years, and for the great loyalty and faith I... Read more

Does this ever happen to you? There are times that I look around at all of my possessions; you know, everything from books and papers piled on the desk and in bookshelves, trinkets I’ve picked up or which have been given to me here and there, closets... Read more

The recent Boston Globe series on OUI cases illustrates the significant disparities that arise as judges, jurors, and everybody else grapple with the notion of what is “reasonable.”

In a criminal trial, the standard of proof is beyond a... Read more

In 2007, when Filene’s Basement was moved out of its famous location when the Filene’s building was supposed to be rebuilt as a skyscraper, I had this sinking feeling that it wouldn’t return there. And indeed, it hobbled along in a series of other... Read more

While the Dorchester Reporter has deliberately not taken an editorial position on the District 3 council race, the newspaper’s publisher, Ed Forry, is personally endorsing Frank Baker.

Next week, we will go to the polls to select one of... Read more

Last month’s release of the redistricting maps for the Massachusetts Senate and House gives us pause. As community organizers, we have spent years fighting to strengthen the redistricting process as we are keenly aware of the ties that bind... Read more

We have all looked out from Dorchester across the bay and seen Thompson Island, the nearest island to our neighborhood. You can actually walk to that island. No kidding. It might look like you’d have to walk on water to get there, which the Bible told... Read more

The most distressing aspect of a career adjudicating and mediating disputes is the animosity that too often develops within families. Grievances over money, insults and misunderstandings can split a family apart.

What was once a loving... Read more

To the Editor:

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and the perfect time to celebrate the AbilityOne Program, the largest single source of employment for people who are blind or have other significant disabilities in the... Read more

Over the weekend, readers of Boston’s metro dailies, the tabloid Herald and the broadsheet Globe, were treated to a glimpse of how things were back 60 years when seven or so dailies competed for attention and respect at the news stands.

On... Read more

What is right with our country? What is wrong with our country? What is your American Dream? How do we take our freedom back?

These are very American questions.  Each is also on a huge poster on a wall at the site of the Occupy Boston protest... Read more

Although not opposed to gambling, I am disappointed that Massachusetts will soon be joining the casino cavalcade. It is unfortunate we feel compelled to turn to gambling to increase revenue and generate jobs.

I am proud of the commonwealth’s... Read more

With Beacon Hill poised to pass the sweeping new casino law, another game of chance with a long history – bingo – appears on the decline.

Though bingo might seem as much a part of the Massachusetts social fabric as clambakes and sports bars, the... Read more