It certainly says something about how much our nation has cratered over the last election cycle that we are flipping back to 1968 in search of parallels, direction, perhaps even some contorted sense of comfort. We are in a different place as a people,... Read more

Cruel. Heartless. Wrong. Counter-productive.

Choose your favorite adjective to describe the Trump administration’s plans to eliminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians impacted by the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake and... Read more

An independent audit commissioned by the University of Massachusetts and made public last week paints a damning portrait of the UMass Boston administrative team that was, until last fall, led by Dr. J. Keith Motley.

In a report of its findings... Read more

One thing is clear from the results of Tuesday’s city election: Marty Walsh now has a real mandate to govern. The 50-year-old incumbent from Dorchester won an impressive victory that painlessly spanned some of the racial, ethnic, and ideological... Read more

It’s rare to find any project that generates near unanimity among civic leaders. But that’s the dynamic right now in the Port Norfolk section of Dorchester, where... Read more

Four years ago, in this space, we endorsed Martin J. Walsh for mayor of Boston. The Dorchester Reporter was one of only two city newspapers (The Weekly Dig was the other) to back... Read more

If Dorchester is the birthplace of the nation’s community health center movement, then Dan Driscoll is certainly one of its founding fathers. So it is altogether fitting that Driscoll’s name now adorns the front of the health center in Neponset that he... Read more

The Kennedy Library convened a special forum on Tuesday night that drew an overflow crowd to the Stephen A. Smith room overlooking Dorchester Bay. The draw was two-fold: The evening included a screening of a new,... Read more

Robots, bio-tech and beer.

That’s the boiled down, Twitter-friendly summary of what the buyers of the Boston Globe property have in mind for the 16.5-acre Morrissey site.

Neighbors who turned out for Monday’s Columbia-Savin Hill Civic... Read more

Dorchester could be home to the city’s next medical marijuana dispensary, and unless there’s some compelling reason against the prospect that we have not yet heard, it should be.

A Colorado-based company hopes to open a facility at 50 Clapp... Read more

Using the side of the celebrated Pho Hoa restaurant on Dot Ave as its canvas, Fields Corner will soon unveil a dramatic new mural that will salute the achievements of the city’s Vietnamese community.

The artist behind the work is Ngoc-Tran Vu,... Read more

Who on earth calls Dorchester “The Chest”?

Apparently, we “locals” do— if you believe the author and publishers of a “Newcomer’s Handbook for Moving and Living in Boston.” The book— now in its eighth edition— is billed as “the #1 relocation... Read more

There are just under three weeks until the Sept. 26 preliminary election, which includes a four-person run-off for mayor of Boston. Now is the time for voters to tune in and get ready to fulfill their civic duty.

This week, the city’s Election... Read more

Amid the uproar surrounding the removal of Confederate monuments— including one that now stands boxed up on Boston’s George’s Island— it may be time for us to consider the future of Dorchester’s most prominent statue, one that depicts a figure from the... Read more

Organizers of Saturday’s overblown “free speech rally” on Boston Common got far more than they bargained for when they showed up to find tens of thousands of fired-up but mostly peaceful Bostonians and visitors intent on making a statement of their own... Read more