Boston Police sources say that last Thursday afternoon’s gunfire on Granite Avenue near Adams Corner— a 4 p.m. fusillade of bullets that left a young man dead — was the result of a road rage incident. In the immediate aftermath, officials delayed... Read more

This week, the city of Boston is mourning the death of a Dorchester boy who made a fortune and then devoted much of his life to an unvarnished form of generous philanthropy to both the city he loved and the grand old neighborhood where he was born and... Read more

This week’s latest assault on the senses emerges from— where else?— the nation’s capital, this time in the form of Attorney General Jeff “Beauregard” Sessions. The nation’s top law enforcement officer on Monday warned that the US Department of Justice... Read more

Dorchester’s John F. Kennedy Presidential Library hosted a preview screening of the new American Experience series, The Great War, on Tuesday evening. The... Read more

On the campaign stump and now in his seat of power, Donald Trump’s blathering about being “great” for American cities has never been anything other than empty sloganeering. His first budget proposal, a $1.1 trillion “blueprint” unveiled last week, is... Read more

The Mattapan trolley was taken off the line on Tuesday as a major snowstorm hit the region. Buses were called in to replace the small fleet of Presidential Conference cars that typically run between Mattapan and Ashmont. The T announced the move on... Read more

Dorchester Day is considered a high holiday in these parts — and for good reason. The first Sunday in June is the largest public celebration of Boston’s biggest and most diverse neighborhood and that day’s parade is an awesome party.

But the... Read more

Dorchester is booming in ways unseen since our once sleepy agricultural hamlet was transformed into a teeming streetcar suburb before the turn of the 20th century. The growth is at once exhilarating and troublesome and that tension is likely to be a... Read more

It’s been clear for a while now that our governor does not care much for the administration that is still taking shape in Washington D.C. this week. Charlie Baker did not cast a ballot in the presidential race and over the last year he was at least... Read more