More than 250 volunteers and civic leaders helped in the rehabilitation of seven sites in Boston’s neighborhoods – including two homes in Dorchester – last Saturday as part of “National Rebuilding Month.” The effort was organized by Rebuilding Together... Read more

Columbia Point is in the headlines a lot these days. From the new Kennedy Institute for the US Senate to a proposal to use its land for an Olympic Village, the peninsula is a popular spot.

It wasn’t always the case. Once known as the Calf... Read more

Justice was served last week at the federal courthouse when the surviving Boston Marathon bomber was convicted of murdering our young neighbor, Martin Richard, and three other people — and maiming scores more— on Patriots Day in 2013. The outcome was... Read more

For three months now, it has been the one question that has vexed local observers — including those of us at the Reporter— more than any other: How much will it cost state taxpayers to fix local roads and MBTA stations (such as the JFK-UMass station... Read more

Dorchester Day falls every year on the first Sunday of June. But, as longtime denizens of this town-turned-neighborhood well know, the name itself is a bit of a misnomer. In point of fact, it should probably be referred to as “Dorchester Season.”

... Read more

Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympics is an intriguing — and increasingly— complicated proposition for residents of this neighborhood. If the city wins the Games, it’s likely that the Olympic Village will be sited on Dorchester’s Columbia Point on what is... Read more

Sunday is the day of the South Boston St. Patrick’s/Evacuation Day Parade. The fate of this year’s parade was in doubt right up until this week as city officials and parade organizers grappled with the still-imposing snow and ice banks left behind by... Read more

Wednesday morning is go-time for the Reporter staff. We finalize the front page, finish up copy and ads— and send everything off to the printer. In over 30 years of publishing, we’ve never missed a deadline.

This winter has repeatedly tested... Read more

On Wednesday, the Boston City Council gave its unanimous approval to a Boston Housing Authority (BHA) plan to seek federal permission to change the way it distributes housing units to senior citizens and disabled adults in the 36 elder/disabled... Read more

Last week’s “reveal” by the Boston 2024 committee, the non-profit organization that has led the effort to bring the Summer Games to Boston, was a mixed bag. On the one hand, the presentation offered the most in-... Read more

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished; but I’m far from satisfied.”
Mayor Walsh’s inaugural State of the City address last week was – like all speeches of its kind – a chance to tick off the achievements of the administration’s first year. And... Read more